Breton Meadow Farm
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Breton Meadow Farm

Our farm is named Breton Meadow Farm. You may ask, “Why?” The primary reason is that “Ouessant” is hard to pronounce and hear. The Ouessant breed is also called the Anglicized Ushant and Breton Dwarf because it originated in the Brittany area of France. We considered a number of other names, but rejected them for one reason or another. Remarkably, one of those names was, “Lone Willow Farm” due to the presence of a single willow tree in the middle of the pasture. We joked that we would be in trouble if that lone willow died. It was fortunate that we rejected the name because on the day that our first sheep arrived, a wind storm blew the tree down.

We are located on 3.3 acres of land in the southwestern corner of Lincoln, Massachusetts which is a suburb of Boston. Although the area was formerly an asparagus farm, it has become a primarily residential area so there are neighbors on all four sides. The farm is ideal in that it emphasizes an advantage of the small Ouessant breed that it does not require a great deal of space.

Our acquisition of the farm capped an extended search for a place that is near to our work in Cambridge, MA, has enough dry land for a good size flock of sheep, has a modest, but livable house, and is reasonably priced. We didn’t hit home runs on all these aspects; it is a little further from Cambridge and has not as much land as we wanted. It also required significant work before we moved in raising its cost.

From the sheep-raising aspect, the chief virtues of our land is that it is flat and dry. We removed a number of trees that threatened to smother the grass with shade and pine needles (or fall on the house). We figure we have room for about 30 little sheep.


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