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Update October 2010 Part 2

October 20, 2010
It finally happened! Today the six sheep grazing across the street decided they had to find out more about the new arrivals across the street. They broke out of the electric netting. Details are scant. We were at work. Fortunately Jim, who is helping us improve our pasture and landscaping, was present along with someone delivering landscape material. They noticed the sheep were not where they were supposed to be. They unrolled a spare length of electric netting to help herd them back in. In the end, the new sheep were sufficiently attractive to bring them across the street and through the gate into the main pasture.

When we arrived home all was well. We decided not to move the sheep back across the road and left them where they were after shuffling fencing around a little bit. One length of electric netting needed repair since it had been cut to free one of the sheep that become tangled in the netting.


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