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Update Summer 2011

Ray has fallen way behind on keeping this web site up-to-date. This page covers the summer of 2011 and here I am writing it two years later. Naturally, details have faded, but we keep a log that will remind me of some of the things that happened.

The big event of the summer was the arrival of our first ewes in Lincoln. In early September, Martin and Joy loaded up the ewes that we had watched having their lambs earlier in the spring into their trailer and set out on a 3080 mile easterly course toward Massachusetts. They also brought several of their sheep for delivery to other clients along the way. The lambs born in the spring were left behind.

Soon after they arrived we moved the trailer into the pasture and started unloading. Most of the sheep were up in the top level. Martin crawled up into the trailer while Joy manipulated the door. One by one Martin snagged a sheep and handed it to Joy who drenched it with de-wormer. I manned the bottle and loaded the drencher.

Twenty five sheep later, they were all on the ground investigating their new digs. They looked suitably small having been sheared before departure so they would take up less room and be a little cooler inside the trailer.


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