Breton Meadow Farm
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Our Current Sheep

We currently have 69 sheep in Lincoln consisting of 20 ram lambs, 15 ewe lambs, and 34 ewes. 20 ewes are 75% Ouessant, 5 ewes and ewe lambs are 81.25% Ouessant, 11 ewes and ewe lambs are 87.5% Ouessant, and one ewe lamb is 93.75% Ouessant.

1318 gets up close in case the camera is tasty.

A problem when trying to take photos of our sheep is their curiosity. They come over to investigate the camera and upset any attempts to catch them in a different pose.

Can I come in?

Most of our sheep or like the sheep in the foreground — a very dark brown (called black) with darker faces. Some are white like the sheep in the background often with light tan coloring on their face and legs.


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