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Ouessant sheep are usually double-coated with an inner layer of soft fine wool covered by an outer layer of coarser guard hairs. The wool can be spun into yarn using both the undercoat and the guard hairs or just the undercoat. The former is less soft and has less elasticity, but the guard hairs add strength, loft and luster. If the guard hairs are a different color from the undercoat, then the yarn will have a slightly tweedy appearance. Using the undercoat alone results in a yarn that is softer but has a more matte finish.

The wool has been used for gloves, hats, shawls, sweaters, etc. The sheep have 2–4 lb fleeces, with the amount of usable, clean wool yielded depending on how the sheep were kept, e.g., allowed to wander through the brambles, kept coated, etc.


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