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Update August 2010

August has been a quiet month. The two sheep with broken horns were sufficiently healed after about a week to stop further treatment. They seem to have suffered no permanent harm.

We moved the sheep to areas near the road where they were easily visible. They attracted well-deserved attention from passers by. We enjoyed looking out the window to see cars slowing or stopping to look more closely.

One of the passers by was a local photographer who sent a photo of our sheep to his daily photo mailing list. This caught the eye of the editor of the local paper who asked if he could come and see the sheep and talk to us about them. We expect an article in this week’s Lincoln Journal.

Our sheep are on the front page of the Lincoln Journal! The article was also published online.

We finally got some rainfall last weekend and temperatures have dropped, which should bring the pasture back to life. Previously grazed areas have been mostly, but have begun to resume growth. We have been lucky to not need to provide any supplemental feed.


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