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Update September 2010

Plans are in place for our pasture restoration project. We will be tilling and reseeding much of the area in the back half of the property. Part of this area has been disturbed from being used as a tree nursery. We have brought in manure and compost and will incorporate that along with lime before seeding with our pasture mix (primarily timothy, perennial ryegrass, orchard grass, and ladino clover).

More sheep are on the way! The wethers from the Spring 2010 lambs will be shipped east by way of the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in early October. The number is uncertain since some may be sold before then, but we expect about 12 additional sheep.

We have leased part of the field across the street to provide additional forage for the additions since much of our pasture will be undergoing renovation and we want to quarantine the new sheep to minimize the possibility of infection.

Our pasture has been plowed. The schedule of our pasture renovation expert finally allowed time to get started on the renovation of another portion of our pasture. Next is harrowing and other preparation before liming and seeding.


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